We are a coalition of concerned groups who together have a membership and reach of over 250,000 British Columbians. Together we represent a wide range of interests and concerns about the environment, from the resilience of watersheds, the health and vitality of salmon populations, our ability to access fish for food and recreation, a deep concern for the state of the southern resident killer whales, a shared love of water and a deep respect of life-sustaining waterways such as the Fraser River.

We’ve come together to stand up for the Heart of the Fraser with a vision to conserve the floodplain and river islands, restore the riparian zones and work with all levels of government to ensure a sustainable plan for the health of the river.

We acknowledge the First Nations as stewards and rights holders of these lands and waters. As such we look for opportunities to support and collaborate towards reconciliation both on and off the water, for the fish and for the people.

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